Universal Basic Income


America's strength depends on financially stable workers, families, & communities.

Covid-19 has exposed the flaws in our economy.

Economic rights are human rights & nobody should be forced to risk their life against their will during a pandemic.

We'll complete the work of FDR by enacting an Economic Bill of Rights that includes a monthly payment of $2,000.

Why Universal Basic Income? 

Medicare For All

Healthcare's a human right that must be provided to all.

We'll fight for Medicare for All.

We'll end for profit health insurance.


No one should profit from human sickness.

We'll provide healthcare to all & save money.

Housing for All

Housing's a human right & all humans deserve it.


In order to maintain the growth & development of all Americans, we will construct millions of housing units to eliminate homelessness & housing instability.


We'll end foreign speculation in America's housing market, which prevents millions of working Americans from achieving the dream of homeownership.

Justice for All

We'll end cash bail nationwide because freedom should never depend on wealth or status.

We'll free nonviolent drug offenders who have remained peaceful during incarceration.

We'll fundamentally change law enforcement by partnering social workers, psychiatrists, & public defenders with officers to de-escalate situations & reduce harm in our communities.

We'll end qualified immunity & require law enforcement wear body cameras nationwide.

Women's Rights

We'll enact equal pay laws nationwide to ensure women are compensated on par with their male counterparts.

We'll fully fund planned parenthood & repeal the Hyde Amendment.

We'll require international allies to enact 21st Century policies regarding the rights of women to live autonomously.

Including, but not limited to Saudi Arabia.

More on Women's Rights

Military Budget & Purpose


We must end illegal & offensive wars, which drain national resources to enrich a few multinational corporations.


We'll bring our troops home & unite them with their family.


We'll station troops at America's borders to enrich local economies while keeping our borders orderly & safe.

We'll end the Military Industrial Complex.

Trades & Education for All

We'll provide trade school & university level education to all.

Our national security depends on fostering the worlds best in scientific, mathematic, & technological discovery.

We'll set minimum public school teacher pay at $60,000.

Because their work's too important & too consuming, to live on starvation wages.

We'll provide free school lunches to all students.

We'll build new & update existing schools as part of an infrastructure & jobs component of a Green New Deal.

Green New Deal & American Technological Revolution

We'll fight for a Green New Deal & create 20 million new jobs while securing America's future.

We'll reject fossil fuels, fracking, & coal.

We'll invest in the technology of the future to remain the preeminent world super power.

We'll create nationally funded labs & research facilities by partnering Universities with government scientists.

Foreign Policy

American foreign policy must reflect the principles & morals we strive to live by.

This means no war for profit.

This means not interfering in foreign governments where we have no jurisdiction to appoint leaders like Venezuela.

This means requiring allies to uphold certain principles in order to conduct business with the United States.

This absolutely means ending America's contribution to atrocities committed by any ally, regardless of strategic relationship.

America must lead by example.

Workplace Democracy

We'll no longer allow the productivity of workers to enrich unproductive investors.


We'll allocate ownership percentages of public companies to workers.


Stakeholders must profit before Shareholders.

Corporations will be taxed in a manner that incentivizes research & development, increasing worker pay, hiring new employees, & building facilities.

We'll strengthen existing union protections & expand union membership into the service sector.

We'll fight the class warfare waged against the bottom 90% by raising the minimum wage to a living wage of $20/hr.

Abolish Corruption

We must end the bribery & corruption of American politicians.

This is a national emergency, which must be addressed without prejudice to political party.

Corporations & special interests must not be given a seat at the table at the expense of American citizens.

We'll move to public financing of elections.

We'll secure democracy by instituting election norms & practices that uphold integrity such as ranked choice voting.

Wealth Tax

Idle wealth does the nation a great disservice.

It reduces investments in public services & extracts money from circulation.

We'll tax idle wealth held by corporations & individuals. 

We'll incentivize investment in human capital through tax law.


It's both impossible & cruel to pursue the deportation of tens of millions of undocumented immigrants.

In tandem with securing America's borders, we will show compassion, understanding, & strength by granting amnesty to all immigrants without a criminal record.

Net Neutrality

The internet was created with public resources and must remain open for discussion without compartmentalization.

The 4th Amendment affords Americans with physical property rights that must be extended to the internet.

The European Union shouldn't be leading the fight for online privacy if we're the  "most free" nation on earth.

We'll adopt internet standards befitting of a technologically advanced Democracy.

Free speech in the digital age has become as important now, as it were during America's founding. The 1st Amendment must extend to social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter, & Facebook.

Rights such as free speech enshrined in the constitution must not be regulated by private entities.

Reparations for ADOS

Slavery stole the freedom & lives of successive generations within African, Caribbean, & indigenous peoples.

The opportunity cost of 300 years of slavery combined with economic discrimination is unconscionably high.


Descendants currently living are denied the normal transfer of wealth from their ancestors that exists in capitalist societies.


Let's atone for America's actions including the drug war & resulting criminal justice disparities.


No more inquiries, committees, or discussions.


Direct payments to descendants of American slaves today.