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Dignity For All


Humanity was never meant to be regimented by a handful of elites & corporate interests.


Perched in their ivory towers, far removed from the suffering caused by their decisions.


Human dignity must never have a price tag on it.

We're going to war with the political establishment to enact an Economic Bill of rights. 

Healthcare, housing, & education must permanently be etched into America's social contract.

We'll abolish the locking up of humans, many disproportionately black or brown, for profit.


We'll ensure arrests, charges, prosecutions, & conviction rates reflect unbiased policing.

We'll end the war on drugs & treat addiction as a health issue, instead of a criminal event.

We'll export human dignity abroad by ending America's support for 73% of world dictators.

We'll no longer cater to nations who routinely oppress the human rights of its citizenry.

Our system isn't broken, it's functioning as designed for those with power.

We'll end the brazen corruption of elected officials.


We'll stop 40 years of trickle down economic policy that created an unsustainable wealth gap.


We'll reduce rates of mental illness, suicide, drug addiction, & increase life expectancy through economic policy that helps Americans thrive, not just barely survive.


The numbers don't lie, our economy was bleak prior to the devastation caused by covid-19.

1. 29 million people did not have health insurance.
2. 45,000 died each year from lack of health insurance.
3. $1.1 trillion in corporate stock buybacks occurred in 2018.
4. 78% of American workers were living paycheck to paycheck.
5. 50% of American workers earned less than $30,533 per year.
6. 20% of American children were hungry facing food shortages.
7. 40% of Americans struggled to meet a basic need such as food or rent.
8. $6 trillion had been spent on offensive war since 2001.
9. 3 people had more wealth than the bottom 160 million Americans.
10. Life expectancy is linked to net worth.
11. 75% of school districts had school lunch debts.

We'll fight to enact legislation that helps reverse the pain caused financially, mentally, & physically by corporate greed.

The time's now for all of us to take action & do our part for humanity.

Please support our mission to provide dignity for all by electing Matt Boswell for Florida's 20th Congressional District.


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